You Need Somebody to Love

People want to be loved. People need to be loved. They do not need phony expressions of love but a commitment to being loved, and if that is not possible, a commitment to being given affection.

That is a great deal to ask of anyone; love requires something with which we do not wish to give lightly or allow to be scattered like cheap confetti at a wedding, only to be swept into gutters when the celebration has finished and the guests departed. You see, in giving love we give some of our protection, exposing our bodies to storms that afflict the world and which we encased in our ungiven love shielded with and from this protection.

I cannot count those whom I have loved, nor wish to count them; their numbers are known like grave markers in the cemetery, there, still and unburdening the passed lives.

Look now, need now and count now. And let the love suck itself out of your body, for thus you keep young.

One Response

  1. Wow. Amazing words. I love the idea of love being a force that can suck itself out from you. Very interesting way of description.

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