Nothing Lasts Forever

The latest IPCC synthesis report indicates that humanity should stop burning fossil fuels by 2100. There is, the IPCC states, too much carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and unless humanity gets a grip we will be into irreversible global warning with a catastrophic rise in global temperatures by two degrees. I have simplified the IPCC statement, and added the twist that most popular reporters place on complicated scientific statements. How much of this simplification is true?
I find it hard to understand how we can put a date on stopping burning of fossil fuel. It might be 2080, 2120 or even 2114. Predicting all the factors that have to be taken into account, particularly human population growth, is very hard to do with any degree of accuracy. I do not understand why the IPCC has picked on fossil fuel burning; humanity now burns plenty on non fossil fuel – ethanol from corn and wood pellets and little of the carbon dioxide emitted is recovered, despite what governments and multi-nationals claim. I do not understand why it is claimed that the temperature rise will be irreversible. It may take time, plenty of time, but nothing lasts forever, not even humanity.


2 Responses

  1. Much of the global warming hoax doesn’t make sense. The IPCC is a political organisation not a scientific one.

  2. Not even the climate bill

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