Russia Today is Here

Today a new news service is available in the United Kingdom. The Russian state sponsored news channel “Russia Today” has started broadcasting, amid grumbles by organisations such as the BBC as to whether Russia Today could present a fair and unbiased news service, as opposed to a propaganda service.

In the dark days when communism ruled over Eastern Europe propaganda was the norm in news services such as “Pravda” and Izvestia”. Such propaganda was countered by Western propaganda, albeit less biased, more truthful and more reliable, but nevertheless propaganda. In the past 24 years Russian propaganda has moved more to the western model of news reporting. It is still state sponsored and financed, but then again so is the BBC, and with all news services you must pick and choose which programmes to believe. However the importance of Russia Today is that it presents us in Western Europe and in the USA with another point of view.

I have seen the Russia Today television broadcasts in Germany. Frankly, I found them more interesting (for diverse reasons) than those of BBC World.

Not everything our native news channels is truthful or accurate, and so it is with Russia Today. However, where Russia Today is very useful and accurate is in its reporting of events in the United Kingdom and in the United States of America. Stories, particularly of undemocratic behaviour and state oppression are more readily reported in Russia Today than they are on the BBC or on CBS, and reported in more detail with attributions.

As far as all national news broadcasts are concerned they seem to follow the dicta of Candide’s teacher – that everything is for the best in this best of all possible worlds; seeing what a state sponsored news broadcast says about another state provides balance and sometimes also provides the truth.

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  1. I agree. RT is a serious channel. Very little fluff or celebrity. It likes to report facts especially those that BBC/Ch4 etc choose to ignore.

    In my view, the US, German and UK establishment are so used to dictating which lies are ‘reported’ that, to them, RT’s fact based reporting and exposees of the hypocrisy/warmongering of many western governments is a serious threat.

    I see that Nigel Farage featured on the first broadcast. No doubt this will give many establishment politicians a jolt. For too long they have sniggered at him and many media personalities have sneered. (Particularly BBC and Ch4) Now we see that he represents many many people. We do not want to be governed by unelected faceless dictatorship in cahoots with the multinational corporations.

    Mr Putin and RT might just help us to regain our country and freedom.

    • But we do not really have a choice Chris, we are given top down department to choose from, three are one and the same, UKIP no matter how new is yet another who will fail the people once again, this is the same old model being repeated.

      Have a listen to what Alan Watt has been sharing for many years now and what is coming, or in part already here as Rob says.

      August 17 2014

      Do you know who owns and funds Russia Today?

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