Northern Voices

I miss northern voices. For four years I lived in Manchester and Birkenhead and almost every voice I heard was accented with the sounds of the North, or at least what Londoners regard as the North. there is a sincerity in the tine of Northern voices; I cannot describe the sounds- concepts of flat vowels, buried word endings, glottal reinforced consonants and similar attempts to describe sounds are without much meaning to the likes of me.Lancashire, where they make good cheese and better black puddings, is a homely place where I experienced much kindness and some love. I learnt much about myself and some law and a great deal about words and music. If I ever forget then the sound of Northern voices reminds me of those times, happy and less complicated.

But sounds are comforting, like the sound of a gentle sea, or the sound of a wood in morning and there is more to sound than comfort. To make sounds out of words and sounds out of music is the greatest achievement of humanity where those sounds enable one human to communicate with others. Where those sounds are founded upon sincerity, the communication becomes important. Where those sounds are founded upon insincerity, they become no more important than advertising jingles and slogans.

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