Power in Winter

I cannot but enjoy this autumn in London. the temperatures are hot and there is none of the equinoctial wind which blows London dust into my eyes this time of year.  I expect it will end soon, and this warm October will give way to a cold November, which will start to freeze the tips of my fingers and pour cold dust into my lungs, to join the accumulation of much other dust. 

Having navigated October safely and smiled at its clear blue skies I wonder about the winter. We have had warmest months, coldest months, driest months and wettest months and perhaps this winter will surprise us with its kindness or ferocity. let us hope that it will be kind and warm, because here in this country we have not organised one of the basic requirements of living in cities properly. We have no energy policy that will work and the plant load factor is creeping the the wrong direction. Perhaps by mid winter there will be energy production to cover only 104% of the energy demand, so that a cold spell or a ill wind will leave much of this nation without electricity when it needs it most.

Heavy industry, dependent on electricity for its production will be paid, believe it or not, not to use electricity so that the ordinary folk can have power for their lights and televisions and for their central heating pumps.

We live in interesting times; having once thought that we defeated the weather we will, inevitably, find ourselves at its mercy.

3 Responses

  1. You’ve grown soft in your old age.

    Remember the power draughty bed sits, damp basements of your student days. Remember the power cuts of the 70’s. We survived.

    • I remember them well. No central heating no warmth but we were Young then and our music kept us warm.

  2. Mother cooked our dinners in a metal bucket using rolled up newspapers and we are still here.


    Human creativeness has been hammered out of all shape and recognition today, but some of us have sewn a different seed.

    Skills and our future making of things is what shapes our security, both have been replaced by the service industry where manager battles with manager for the spoils.

    The current cycle is nearing its end, the Romans are leaving once again and taking all the worthwhile tech with them, taps and all, always happens, so get ready to fly folks.

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