Sylvan Grove

I was in South London on a busy arterial road, surrounded by cars and lorries, passing big warehouses, supermarkets, petrol stations and shops made grubby by the diesel particulates that flew either side of the road. people who have to live and work along that road and cannot avoid breathing in the pollution caused by the traffic, end up has human air filters; eventually theu do not notice it.

If you need a sanctuary away from the busy dirty road you can see a road name, leading to the north saying “Sylvan Grove”. I glanced at the signing thinking how pleasant it would be to find a grove of trees so near to the mess that humanity has created. All I saw was a thin road with thin pavements, a jumble of metal fencing and modern ugly warehouse buildings and at the ned of Sylvan Grove a lonely poplar tree, leaves gone golden in the autumn sun.

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  1. On the question of trees.

    Every day I walk my dog on a golf course which until last year was as sylvan as it could possibly be.

    Unfortunately for the trees, deer, robins, woodpeckers, owls and innumerable squirrels London Zoo persuaded some bureaucrat in Brussels that it would be a good idea to give it a grant to clear 2/3 of the trees to allow a few snakes and frogs more space.

    Now, instead of woodland we have wasteland. No deer, no woodpeckers, no robins. Squirrels seem to cope. I have not noticed any more snakes or frogs than previously but no doubt the wood has been sold on for burning.

    Cities are not the only places being irrevocably changed by EU policies. Woodland is a target too.

    Bearing in mind how little regard the EC has for national debate I will be voting UKIP next year. In fact the prospect of Cameron for another 5 years is more scary than Miliband. (that is, if he survives)

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