Answers Breed Questions

Sometimes it is hard to know what is right and asking questions result in more difficult questions that you had never before contemplated rather than answers to the questions. We breed questions and great puzzles. The one acts as an incentive to the other, so while we search for answers all we ever find are more intricate questions and more of them than we can solve. We can divide an atom, and fission like find more particles to understand and once we understand those we find our understanding and our knowledge merely defined as ignorance more accurately.

6 Responses

  1. We can’t pump all that carbon into the atmosphere without something eventually happening.

    We may disagree about exactly what will happen (heating Vs cooling), but for sure, something is going to happen.

    And if we don’t know exactly how bad this “something” is going to be, doesn’t it make sense to stop pumping all that carbon into our air?

    It’s a bit like kicking a dog. You know it’s going to do something in response to your unwelcome kicking, but you have absolutely no idea what it will be. So why do it.

    Politicians and those controlling the mega wealth are the only ones who can implement appropriate action, but they won’t. Their agendas and other interests lure them away from listening to advice from the experts.

    This cartoon looks at that aspect . . . .


    • They are trying really hard on this one.

  2. Don’t be fooled by the green lobby, here is why their game is afoot..

  3. And question breed answers.

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