Some people make things very complicated, whether in life, in relationships or in law. It is quite easy to train your mind to make things complicated. It is much harder to simplify things accurately. There are many famous examples of complications; tax laws run into tens of thousands of pages and citizens must master this complex law in order to discharge their duties to the state. Mostly citizens hire tax advisers to guide them into compliance with laws, but the laws are so complex that even the most sophisticated adviser will not understand them all.

There is a fashion in the law of constructing complex arguments; complexity may be appropriate in some cases, and unavoidable in others, but we seem to have lost the crystal simple judgment of judges like the late Lord Denning who could distill and argument into its essence and make everyone, whether learned in the law or not, understand it.

Modern relationships have complications; there is in modern life in developed nations something to fight for, or so it is perceived. When love left a relationship the parties to it would still have to survive, struggle for food and shelter. Perhaps it is unfair, but we should ask how did our forbears cope with the depression and neuroses they suffer, or was it simply the case that their focus on feeding and sheltering themselves was so overwhelming that they did not have time to indulge in their mental illnesses?

It is a complicated world, i admit, but when looking at the complications we do not see the simple truths, whatever they may be.


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  1. Simplicity suits simple minds

  2. Or, did you find it too complex to write a better essay on complications?

    • There is a great deal of sense in what you write; I think that had cartels not been so successful in stifling technology, we would now have cars powered by hydrogen, emitting water.
      I am not sure about “clean coal” technology. It is a consummation devoutly to be wished, and perhaps with money we can make coal cleaner, but not clean. Thorium fission is a very attractive possibility, but it too needs money.

      I certainly don’t think that global warming is a scare to generate more profit for energy producers, but these big cartels would have out smarted governments whether global warming existed or did not exist and was not known about. the cartels can turn any negative into a profit centre.


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