How to Serve Your Country

There has been much talk of serving one’s county. Such talk will intensify as we come to the season of remembrance when we collectively mourn those who served their countries and died for it. In the United Kingdom (still more or less united) folk will wear plastic poppies as a sign of respect for the dead, making small contributions to help the families of the dead and to help the war wounded.

Those who died served their country, but not always in the best way. The best way undoubtedly to serve one’s country is to refuse to partake in any wrong that the country may commit. This will frequently take more courage than most of us have, and a clarity of thought and judgment, untroubled by convention, that almost none have. Most soldiers did not join the army in order to think what they should do, but in order to be told what they should do.  Most political servants joined politics in order to think what to do, but have their thoughts limited by dogma and party loyalty. They do not understand that they are violent when they sustain a government that is violent.


7 Responses

  1. Who is ‘the country’?

    The people, politicians, bankers, royalty, corporate business?

    there’s only one group which sends soldiers to foreign wars but who benefits? Not the people for sure.

    • And the hidden cost of all this one sidedness is this Chris.

      An outright refusal to violence by Bullets, Bombs and Banks, to register our sons and daughters to this heady murder would be a good starting point.

    • I agree.

    • The country is merely the people who agree to be governed in return for protection. Unfortunately the governors treat themseleves as superior to their employers, the governed!

  2. I feel for the young chaps that have been forced over to the darker side of humankind, to kill his fellow kindred spirits, and that’s what we all

    And those that force this kind of behaviour onto others hopefully
    will get their just deserts at some time.

  3. All we need to do is

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