Bomb early, bomb often

The bombing is working in North East Syria, but not in the way that those who decided to bomb had intended. According to some reports, the bombers have destroyed grain silos, killed some civilians and injured some ISIS fighters. The USA says that the silos were hit because ISIS vehicles were parked in close proximity and there is no evidence of civilian casualties. It is hard to imagine that bombing grain silos would not, at this time of the year, kill civilians. It is also hard to imagine that the local people, of whatever persuasion in this conflict, would not go hungry if their food is destroyed. It is also hard to imagine that relatives of those killed by anti-ISIS forces would not find themselves working more closely with ISIS and supporting them.

An operation designed to prevent ISIS from expanding is acting as a very effective recruiting sergeant for ISIS, whose numbers will inevitably swell as a result. The likely outcome of this present madness by the Western democracies and their allies will be to eventually find their own soldiers embroiled in a war against guerrillas hiding in pockets of local population. I know of no such war which has been won by those fighting against guerrillas, unless the wagers of war are prepared to act with the kind of ruthlessness that politically the Western democracies would never permit.

2 Responses

  1. I’m not an expert, but I suspect the real plan is to cause much suffering and confusion so that no will notice or object when Syria is properly invaded and we will also see Syria join the post-WTC operation victim’s club (stepping stones to ultimate control), i.e:
    Afganistan, Iraq, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Ukraine.

    Who’s next ? Iran, Hong Kong/China? Russia?

    Its a good job we have a ‘special relationship’ with the USA!

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