Cloudy Lemonade

I bought some cloudy lemonade from Marks & Spencer. I do not like to shop there, but often there is little alternative if you are in a hurry or if your local high street is impossible to access with large amounts of shopping. The cloudy lemonade looked good but the taste soured when I read the label more carefully.Cloudy Lemonade

I suppose rather foolishly when I bought something that is called “Cloudy Lemonade I expected to have water sugar and lemon in it. In fact the label claims that it product is “made with real lemon juice”.

In fact it is made with 1% lemon juice from concentrate and 2% lemon fruit, also from concentrate.

In the United Kingdom there are laws about labelling products, ostensibly for the protection of people who buy those products. Manufactures have always resisted explaining in detail the contents of their food products and you can understand what these products contain more or less from the small print on the label.


In the case of this cloudy lemonade, the print about the lemon content is very small indeed. The print about the lemonade being made with real lemon juice is very large indeed.

I feel misled by Marks & Spencer. A more accurate description of the product would be “carbonated lemon flavoured drink made with plenty of sugar in the form of fructose and almost no lemon” but I guess that no one would buy it, if Marks & Spencer told it how it is.

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  1. Of course the answer is to just buy a lemon and some fizzy water but far too many people are now reliant on expensive packaged food and drink which is marketed and advertised as a much more attractive product than the real thing.

    At least you can tell the difference far too many cannot.

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