It’s about time

Today is the theoretical  equinox; the angle of the earth to the sun is such that at most latitudes we will experience a day divided nearly equally between daylight and night time. It’s about time, In the northern half of our planet the daylight will get shorter for three months as the year progresses and we will see the sunshine less and feel fewer of its warmth on our faces.

In fact the actual equinox this year occurs on 23 September,  later than usual.

These celestial forces continue to operate regardless of what we do on earth, and our wars, our politics and our referenda cannot change or affect them.

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  1. There is a name deity from ancient times called “Olbia The Just”, who resides at either end of the equality of light and darkness upon earth or night and day, 12 hours of day and night basically, 21 March through 23 September, often called the temple of the lord and the Royal Arch or ecliptic/summer arc of the sun being 187 days above the equator, which is currently sitting at around 23.4 degrees at its height on 21 June/summers longest day, there are lots of different names for the same entity, depending on what religion one follows, in fact all religions followed and began with the same sun worship, all of them.

    Now here is where the science gets very interesting, my own research has revealed that in Ptolemy’s day the ecliptic was slightly higher in ascension than it is today, and fossils of certain corals that once lived on the higher latitudes is a solid fact that this was the case.

    However, since the earlier days of ascension the ecliptic has gradually declined and is continually declining at a rate of around a minute from the spring equinox 21 March in every hundred years, this is a continual process which will result in the ecliptic eventually merging with the equator in about 140 thousand years, where the planet will receive a just year of our lord the sun him/herself 12 hours of day and night, and all year round.

    This is when our ice ages are to culminate, and life will survive on the equatorial regions only until the trend is again reversed, how quickly this decline happens is still a mystery, perhaps the latter end of the cycle comes quicker and quicker as it advances, I don’t know, but we will eventually find out I suppose.

    Now see this video of what is happening to our manufactured sunlight via mankind and weather modification as a basis for AGW.

  2. What this lady does not touch upon given the time period, was a paradigm called Cryptochrome generation, any Bio tech expert reading this will immediately recognise the geo engineering and or its complications for crop security.

    I hope you also noticed her mention of how the smoggy skies can effect solar panel efficiency, do some of your own research and how much effect this weather modification or global dimming works versus there efficiency could generate.

    I have touched on the corporate criminals right to pollute by monetising this manufactured AGW science and what is ultimately a loss of our well being along with natures too, you see Rob, nature does neither money or profit over the natural world.

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