The Death Penalty

They keep on executing people in the United States of America and in China and in other nations, but not in those of the European Union nor Russia. Texas recently executed a woman by lethal injection. She took twelve minutes to die, which is a considerably longer period than a dog takes to die when it is being “put down” by a vet. The more I practice law the more opposed I am to the death penalty, euphemistically also known as capital punishment. 

I have seen some miscarriages of justice and read about many more so I understand that the legal system of all nations are imperfect and when you execute a person you cannot bring him or her back to life if you later discover that you have made a mistake. It is not possible to make a legal system perfect because it is administered by people and people including witnesses, police, jurors, judges and lawyers make mistakes.


8 Responses

  1. When you consider just how long and drawn out the legal processes are in US capital cases I very much doubt that many are executed who don’t deserve the sanction. That said the problems with lethal injection can be traced back to the interference of activists who have succeeded in making it difficult for the states to get the drugs they need to be effective and painless. Personally I have always thought that properly done hanging is both quick and effective.

  2. Has the death penalty re-instated in Europe.

  3. It might depend on where you are tried in Europe.

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