Choosing Between Two Eggs

I woke up this morning to find that the United Kingdom is still the United Kingdom; my country had not lost a large chunk of it and there would not be several years of uncertainty which would affect my nation’s prosperity adversely, so for my own self interest I was glad that the Scots had decided to remain in the Union. 
However, in the long term I would rather see large nations break up into smaller nations because I think smaller nations are easier to manage and their inhabitants will usually suffer less injustice if managed democratically. A world of many small nations adhering to fundamental principles will be a safer and more peaceful place than a world dominated by several superpowers supported by a handful of less powerful nations.

I must say in the media coverage many journalists and politicians said how carefully the Scots had considers the issues. I did find this rather patronising. Every elector carefully considers the issues. In practice the issues at most elections do not need much consideration as we generally have to choose between several eggs by deciding which is less likely to be bad and will smell less pungent when broken open, while knowing in our hearts that all the eggs in the basket are probably rotten. Such decisions do not need careful consideration.

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