It must be tough to be Prime Minister

It must be tough to be Prime Minister of the United Kingdom right now. The country is a few days away from possibly being divided into two nations, which might herald further division. The country has seen one of its aid workers murdered in the Middle East by the Islamic State, and is under great pressure to respond by joining in with allies to bomb the Islamic State fighters, thus risking the likelihood of being drawn into another Middle East war, The prime Minister’s political party is under threat from a newish party, UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) and from its traditional enemies the Labour Party. taxes are too high, interest rates too low, debt is mounting and the government must have to borrow too much to pay for a system of state benefits which the country cannot afford. Unemployment is too high, the education system is in a mess and the much beloved National Health Service  while leading the way in delivering health services free at the point of delivery (and expensive elsewhere)  is lagging behind many nations in the quality of what it delivers, particularly in cancer treatment and nursing care. When the Scottish Referendum is over and the results known the Prime Minister will have to relinquish many powers his government enjoys over Scotland quickly, and if the Scots vote “yes” for independence, have to lead tough negotiations about the detail while preparing for a General Election in may 2015. Gosh, not much is giving the Prime Minister an easy life right now, but why is it that i do not feel any sympathy for the prime Minister?

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  1. Well said.

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