Let Copulation Thrive

There is a force between nature and living which directs, augments and controls nature. That force is the desire to reproduce, made sweet but the pleasures of the body, and made compelling by the ability to repeat and hone the pleasure sensibly and sensitively.

But the ecstasy when finished brings consequences; copulation thrives but so does the results of copulation and in reproducing we fill up our spaces, breeding ourselves to ruin. We love, we lust, and die, leaving many more to follow our lead, blind, powerless and confused.

4 Responses

  1. Robert its not the biological imperative to reproduce that has caused humanity to fill up the earth its our cleverness in circumventing so many of the natural controls on our population. modern medicine is top of the list , especially in the third world.

    • yes, but we haven’t evolved sufficiently quickly to avoid being trapped by our own cleverness!

  2. If everyone was left more to their own devices, there would be far fewer wars and more variety amongst us humans, and less of us in the place we call earth, but then again, we must steer and grow them, then destroy all the good work achieved according to profit.

    Just like the earth, humans have everything inside us which needs to be carefully cultured and it will come out, the way we do things today destroys any chance of real progress.

  3. Interesting perspective. I think that we all possess an animalistic aspect of our natures. King Lear is one of my favorite plays. You might enjoy watching this discussion of the play and man’s dual nature. The YouTube channel also seems dedicated to producing Shakespeare content in general.

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