Bomb Them

Mr Obama has developed a strategy to defeat the Islamic State. His strategy is threefold but that strategy only one part is new; first, he has decided to call the Islamic State “Isis”. The nomenclature is important to him, for he does not want to dignify his enemy or for it to be regarded as a legitimate state. Calling the Islamic State “Isis” is an important strategy. It prevents its fighters being accorded the fundamental rights under the Geneva Convention, thus attempting to make legal cruel and disgraceful conduct against them. Secondly, he has decided to bomb his enemy. This is a simple risk free (or relatively risk) way of fighting. The Islamic State has no aircraft and it is hard to defend against a sustained bombing attack, especially when your are being fought on land by other opponents. Thirdly, he is arranging for American aid, financial and logistical, to be made available to the enemies of the Islamic State, except to President Assad’s Syria.

Of this strategy only bombing is new; the propaganda element and the aid element has always been there, but I suppose that the American people feel reassured that their President has developed a strategy to defeat one of its enemies, most of whom his nation and mine have created by an war waged Iraq, under the pretext of comabting on an ill defined concept encapsulated in a collective noun.

America is no longer fighting a war against “terrorism” but against a specific group of revolutionaries operating thousands of miles away in ways that seem to threaten America.  The strategy can be summarised in two word. “Bomb Them”.

4 Responses

  1. HIs real strategy is not to defeat ISIS but just pretend. All commentators understand that if defeat is intended then an Iraq style invasion is required.

    This tactic means he can ‘ramp up’ terror fears in the gullible american proletariat.

    The real end game is defeat of Assad and the Quatar gas pipeline through Syria and perhaps draw Russia into a war.

    The beneficiaries will be the very very rich, the arab states’ rulers, Israel, the american military industrial complex, NSA, GCHQ etc whose budgets will expand yet again.

    • a disgraceful indictment of our government

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