Sucking Up to the Scots

Promises of more powers to the Scottish Parliament if the referendum turns out to be a close run “No” vote is a sign of great weakness by the British politicians. They are treating the Scots like a naughty child who will benefit from being naughty, and the Scots know this, being as clever as anyone.

It is a shame that the referendum issues have not focused upon what should be the sole issue: do the Scots wish to run their own affairs separately as a matter of national pride and national conscious. If you want to be free it matters not whether the freedom brings a financial benefit or a financial burden; you will take what comes because freedom is (or should be) more valuable than prosperity.

The British politicians must understand their duty if Scotland votes “yes” to independence. Their duty is to secure the very best deal in every respect for the rest of the United Kingdom; they must show no mercy and no quarter, but must insist on every single British asset and liability being divided correctly with doubt being resolved in favour of the rest of the United Kingdom. There must be no half measures.

If the vote is “yes” the the bagpipes will sound “Flower of Scotland” in celebration. That song tells of old fights with old wounds long healed. The nationalists pick the scabs of the old woulds and if they wish independence they must have it, but realise that being independent means exactly that. They must manage for richer or poorer without any aid or support from those they have left. I am not sure that Mr Salmond accepts that, but if “Flower of Scotland” in triumph sounds. the English, Welsh and Irish buglers must sound El Deguello.

2 Responses

  1. I agree with all of this, too many political questions seem to be about finance and nothing else these days. From their own point of view, however, I think the bagpipes had better play “Scotland the Brave” and “Auld Lang Syne” rather than “Flower of Scotland”

  2. Better the devil you know.

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