How to Write Modern Business Plan

Business has changed. It used to be based upon demand for goods and services and the supply of them; around this central activity lurked ways of financing the supply of goods and services both in terms of those who make and sell and in terms of those who buy. Today it seems that a business plan should ignore those traditional activities and work from a different base.

The first requirement is to create a demand, preferably for some bright shiny object which has some utilitarian value but is not essential. Having created the demand there will be some who can afford to acquire the object, but many who cannot. At that stage the object of the business is to create ways to enable the bright shiny object to be acquired, which inevitably means purchasers creating debt to acquire it.

Of course, some many wish to save before the acquisition, eschewing debt, but these are becoming increasingly in a minority. If debt is easy to acquire then the bright shiny object becomes easy to acquire. Thus any modern business plan should revolve around getting people into debt in order to acquire something, instead of saving for that thing. That way the business will succeed and those running it will make money, those financing the debt will make more and the customer will be impoverished, except for the bright shiny object which ceases to be attractive once the debt has been repaid because a newer version, more bright and more shiny, has come on the market, thus enabling the cycle to continue.


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