The Time of the Season

In the Ukraine a convey of aid is being halted because the Ukrainians fear their Russian neighbours, even when bearing gifts, or because the Ukrainians do not want thie desperate people to be relieved by food and water from their enemies. In Israel a child is killed by mortar shelling and the government of Israel vows to revenge by killing those who were innocent of the crime. In the United Kingdom the government refuses to help a despot defeat a far more dangerous threat; unlike Churchill Mr Cameron is not prepared to make a deal with the devil. In the United States in Ferguson people riot after police killed an unarmed man, so the national guard is called in and they seek to prevent the press from reporting the incidents; frenzy is met with greater frenzy, instead of calm and peace.

This is August, when political leaders go on holiday to refresh themselves so that they may discover more ways to make bad decisions and confuse themselves by believing, as they sit in the sunshine, that their mission to enter politics was to improve the lot of the people and this they are doing, notwithstanding the violence and the starvation, and thus they should be well rewarded.

It is not the time of the season for loving; such time has long since passed into the hideous time where greed and hatred reign; our children will never forgive us for the world we are making; the violence, suspicion and hatred is explained by sophists who sit at the modern symposium, not understanding that love and hate are not instransitive verbs.

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