The World is a Wicked Place

In the tortured lands of Syria and Iraq an American journalist has been beheaded apparently by a man who spoke with an accent which indicated that he originally came from London or the South East of England. Because it is a journalist who has been murdered other journalists place undue emphasis on the crime.TV and radio news programmes are filled with speculation on the crime. Experts have told us that returning Britons from the Islamic State pose a serious threat to us in the United Kingdom. Our Prime Minister has had to speak to Mr Obama about the crime and Mr Cameron has cut short his Cornwall holiday.

I do not wish to suggest that the beheading of a news reporter is not a serious crime. It is and the perpetrators should be brought to justice for the crime they have committed.  I do doubt that the news media, especially the BBC should waste so much time on this crime, for several reasons. The crime, although serious as a murder, is not in itself particularly heinous when considered with other crimes committed by those claiming to be part of the Islamic State. If the victim was not a journalist and the perpetrator was nor apparently a Briton there would have been no coverage of it, just as there have been almost no coverage other than cursory reporting, of other beheadings. The purpose of the crime was not to kill a man but to strike fear into the hearts of those who do not support the aims of the Islamic State; reporting the crime, almost endlessly, makes many people feel insecure because there are more than two hundred men who have fought for the Islamic State and who have now returned to the United Kingdom. The coverage of one beheading plays into the hands of the Islamic State by making people feel afraid, instead of brave, frightened instead of courageous.

The world is a wicked place. there have been many serious murders committed recently but some of these are not reported as murders or crimes. Today three leaders of HAMAS were murdered by the State of Israel but the event is not reported as a crime or as a murder. Many Palestinian children have been murdered by the State of Israel but these murders are depicted by the media as war events, not the war crimes they are.  Many people have been murdered by explosive drones operated by the USA on the instructions of Mr Obama but these events are not considered as murders, but as acts that are justified rather than as crimes.  Hundreds of school children are captured in Northern Nigeria and kidnapped in a modern version of pedomasima; the world lights a brief candle which is soon extinguished.

The Islamic State is killing journalists as part of its war, because it seeks to strike fear into the hearts of its opponents. Its opponents, by  reporting the killing of journalists so extensively are helping the Islamic State in its aims. In a war the beheading of a journalist only has significance if it is so widely reported.  There are more serious crimes that we should be told about and although every single crime committed in the course of a war should be punished we should bear in mind that the slaughter of a few is simply a tactic to enable the slaughter of many, and by concentrating on the slaughter of a few we lose sight of the slaughter of the many.

4 Responses

  1. Why do the BBC and main newspapers ignore the genesis and real purpose of ISIS?

    Research shows it was born out of the lack of Congress support for bombing the Syrian government/people.Overthrow of the Syrian government is still the plan. Quatar can then install a gas pipeline to Europe.

    Armies, so well equipped, do not appear out of nowhere. Why does the press ignore the so called leader of ISIS? How do so many well fed and dressed ‘rebels’ come to have a shared ideology? Shared black matching clothes? state paraphernalia etc. Of course the whole exercise is CIA/Mossad planned ‘terror propaganda’.

    ISIS was created on instructions of the CIA, by Saudi Arabia (which released its jailed violent prisoners on condition they joined ISIS) and Mossad (Baghdadi is really Elliott Shimon, Mossad agent). Blackwater trained the violent prisoners and blood thirsty foreigners. I suspect none were or are serious practising mohammedans. Their cruel rampage is because they love cruelty and killing. However, they have a most efficient religious PR machine. Very very polished and that is such a give away. One has to ask is their primary aim to create a caliphate or is it the engender fear. In my view the answer is obvious, its all about fear. Also, how can Elliott Shimon be a religious leader of a caliphate!

    The DC mafia was also unhappy with Malicki. So like many other legitimate presidents around the world who fell out of favour with the DC mafia. He was also removed.

    Terror is the intent. Power and wealth the goal. Powerful global interests have paid to create this monsterous army. It is not a spontaneous fusion of minds with religious fevour. It is a well funded, well planned surrogate for various powerful interests.

    As is often quoted, cui bono?

    Western Governments use the fear to exert more control and surveillance. DC mafia gets control of oil and gas, Quatar sells gas more cheaply, Saudi Arabia wages war on the shia, Israel only has to deal with Gaza. Iran and Syria more marginalised as well as Russia.

    ISIS is not what it seems but is part of the DC mafia plan to control oil and gas, divert attention from Gaza, and all the while let the Washington DC mafia appear to be unconnected. Obama (and puppet Cameron) will make harsh statements and perhaps do a bit of token bombing. But I bet only Syria, Iran and Russia will make a genuine attempt to deal with ISIS.

    • If the people who do the corporates dirty work realise, once their own worth is used, they will also become a statistic, there would much less of the idiots doing their dirty work.

      Hence the term, A murder of crows.

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