Better Without Saddam?

The United States has over the last century sent many advisors to foreign parts. It sent advisors to South Vietnam, but the advice was not good enough and after a war, which the United States joined on the side of South Vietnam, North Vietnam succeeded in overcoming South Vietnam. The same tale can be told in many places; generally the success of IS advisors has been rather limited.

Today we learn that the US has sent hundreds of military advisers to the Kurdish region of northern Iraq while carrying out air strikes against the Islamic State which is trying to establish itself in the region and create a new state from parts that were once ruled by Saddam Hussein and Mr Assad with an iron fist. The Islamic State is carrying out its attempted conquest not only with an iron fist but with ruthlessness and fanaticism.

Nature abhors a vacuum on this planet (although vacuums are very successful outside this planet. Once these dictators were deposed without there being an alternative government ready to take charge there was a vacuum, and into the vacuum has rushed those who kill and plunder in order to impose their own ideas of how a nation should be run; those ideas are not dissimilar to the ideas of the deposed dictators, but are being put into effect with more ruthlessness, because the find many willing to follow them as a result of injustices committed in and since the war in Iraq.

Belloc warned

“And always keep ahold of nurse

For fear of finding something worse”

I do not suggest that Saddam Hussain and Mr Assad were dictators who nursed the nations over which they ruled, but certainly it seems for millions of people in the Middle East we can question whether having let go the dictators the people have found something worse, thus exposing as wrong the key claims of Mr Bush and Mr Blair about the success of the Iraq war – “Iraq is better without Saddam”.

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  1. Each time a foreign delegate is sent, they normally make a really good deal selling weapons.

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