Climate Change – No News?

There is very little in the news these days about climate change. That is odd, because in most parts of the world in the past year people have experienced unusual weather or extreme weather events, but humanity, instead of looking at these as a taste of things to come, has busied itself in fighting over land, enriching itself while impoverishing the environment and carrying on as though everything with the environment was normal, perfect and un-newsworthy as a result.

Perhaps the human mind can only retain “news” in limited quantities and does not prioritise what it should retain, but simply discards what is not recent, no matter how important that may be. Perhaps the herd instinct by which humans congregate within a state of mind, makes danger seem remote, and we believe that our home can withstand whatever nature may throw at us, and that we think that we are safe because we are surrounded by other humans.

Humanity, for the time being at least, seems to have decided that there are more important problems in the world than the seas warming and becoming more acidic, than the climate warming slowly but surely, than the air becoming more polluted, than the prospect of fundamental climate changes in the long term preventing many people from living in places that they live now and being fed in the ways that they are fed now.

The sleep of death with eventually overcome this sleep of living.

3 Responses

  1. Yes, it is amazing how laid-back everyone is. Meanwhile, massive pockets of methane gas escape as the Siberian permafrost thaws.

  2. Is the new cold, the new hot.

    Here is three from the first internet search for cold weather.

  3. Saw this at Moyers & Company:

    The UN Climate Summit 2014 will commence on Sept 23 in NYC. There should be some media coverage about that soon. (I hope!)

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