The Significance of Numbers

If you think that certain numbers and combinations of numbers have a significance then here are some numbers and see if you can guess their relationship: 777, 3, 7,000,000 and 2.

These numbers relate to Julian Assange, founder of Wikileaks, who has now spent 777 days in the Ecuadorian Embassy in London, outside which 3 policeman are kept 24 hours each day and every day in case Mr Assange leaves the Embassy so that they may arrest him in order to execute a warrant which will send him to Sweden where the Swedish Police wish to question him about allegations of sexual misconduct may by 2 women. The whole exercise has cost the UK taxpayer £7,000,000.

The facts surrounding this sexual misconduct have been agreed for the purpose of extradition proceedings in the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom as follows. Mr Assange visited Sweden in August four years ago, in 2010. On his visit he had sexual intercourse with two women. The two women subsequently spoke to each other and discovered that thay had both had sex with Mr Assange. One of the two women was worried that the sex was unprotected so she went to the Swedish Police for advice, accompanied by the other woman for moral support. The Swedish Police treated her visit as a rape and sexual molestation case, and wanted to hear Mr Assange’s side of the story.

The Police issued an arrest warrant for Mr Assange. A few days later the Swedish Prosecutor determined that there had been no case of rape and cancelled the arrest warrant. Mr Assange remained in Sweden and answered the questions posed by the police. However, a few days later, on 30 August 2010, the two women successfully appealed the decision of the prosecutor to drop the case.
There then followed some attempts by Mr Assange to be interviewed by the police, which were unsuccessful due to unsuitability of dates or illness of the prosecutor. Mr Assange left Sweden with the permission of the police. The police subsequently refused to interview Mr Assange on the telephone or anywhere except in Sweden.

The Swedish Police refuse to travel to London to interview Mr Assange, who is prepared to answer their questions at the Ecuadorian Embassy. The reasons cannot be that the Swedish Police cannot afford the air fare and hotel bills to London; if that were the case the UK taxpayer could save a great deal of money by having a whip round to pay the travel costs for the Swedish police. The reasons are probably because once in Sweden Mr Assange would be extradited to the United States of America where politicians and prosecutors have expressed a desire to lock him up and throw away the key for “leaking” facts which have exposed wrongdoing by the USA in various foreign adventures. The wrong doing exposed was serious; it included what are prima facie criminal acts and war crimes.

As far as I know neither of the two women has suffered from a sexually transmitted disease or become pregnant, which was the apparent reason why they visited the police to begin with.

My personal view is that Mr Assange is one of a group of people who has done humanity a service by exposing vice, folly and criminal actions by or on behalf of governments. The way in which the case has been handled in Sweden seem to be disproportionate and foolish, and does not show Swedish Policing in a good light. The actions of the UK government in spending seven million pounds to try to force Mr Assange to go to Sweden to answer questions, which he is happy to answer in London or on the telephone are a waste of the tax that I and thousands of other pay.

The numbers in this matter have a significance and the most significant numbers grow day by day.

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