Life is Sweet, While it Lasts

A hundred years ago today a great war started. It led, inevitably to a second great war. Millions of souls were perished and acts of terror were committed by both sides. Today solemn events are being held to commemorate the dead, their sacrifices and those events inevitably add a touch of honour and glory to those who killed and were killed by others. 

While these spectacles of sorrow and funeral pomp are being held in some places, in other  places people are still killing people, for greed, for land, for power and sometimes merely because they have been stirred so to do, in a frenzy of conquest and death. It is the same true tale not told by idiots but describing the acts of idiots for whom life is short enough without willfully making it shorter. Life may signify nothing, but it is sweet while it lasts.

2 Responses

  1. Life is sweet and if we get together to mend the problem, we need to know how to do this fairly.

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