The Land Which Hope has Forsaken

For the Palestinians, August is the cruelest month. It mixes death and destruction. Yesterday a cease fire was agreed in Gaza, which was supposed to last for 72 hours but lasted for less than five hours. There was insufficient time for people to bury their dead or to retrieve what possessions were left after their homes and schools and medical centres were shelled. Both sides claim the other was responsible for breaking the cease fire.

So the dead, whose lives have been wasted by this war, are left unburied and the wounded survivors  untreated. Souls are being remaindered. There is no shelter, no relief and no water from the dry stones of Gaza. The corpses will not begin to sprout; the dogs will eat them fresh.

“I think we are in rats’ alley, where dead men lost their bones”.

The thunder does not speak in Hebrew or Arabic It is the voice of God, crying shanti, shalom, salaam, the words and sounds of peace, drowned by the tumult of ignorance, greed and hatred that fight for the land which hope has forsaken.

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