The Manicured Sophistry of Israel

I am getting tired and depressed listening to representatives of the Israeli government explain, with their manicured sophistry, just how essential it is to protect Israel that Israel should bomb women and children while they sleep in a United Nations shelter in Gaza, and how it is proportionate that the body count of Palestinians exceeds that of Israelis by a factor of twenty and how to describe such body count as disproportionate is “emotive”.

British and US politicians ape the arguments of the Israelis, and that too is depressing and tiring.

The worse examples of this kind of propaganda can be heard on the BBC radio where it seems to be impossible to hear whatever sophistry the representatives of HAMAS can devise to attempt to justify lobbing crude bombs and rockets into Israel which can and does mostly protect its citizens from such acts, and rightly so.

When each side believes that they are unconditionally in the right then settlement becomes impossible. When each side presents a historical analysis of why we are where we are today, the political arguments descend into an argument of history, like arguing over the accuracy of a map which has landed you in a dangerous place, instead of trying to get out of the dangerous place.

My sympathies are with the Palestinians crowded into a few square miles of Gaza, blockaded from trade and essential goods and services, short of water, food, medicine and energy. My sympathy does not extend to approving of killing of any people, but I am reminded that desperate people do desperate things and that being called a terrorist has been for many folk all over the world, a badge of honour won when fighting for freedom from oppression.

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