Wood Burning Power Station: the stupidity of Government

I have on many times pointed out that wood burning power stations will cause environmental damage. If you use the search engine that WordPress have provided for these essay you can get some idea of what I wrote and the time when I wrote it, before any wood burning power stations were built. I have railed against the subsidies paid out of our taxes for wood burning power and heat, all to no avail. I have explained the difference between a clean renewable energy policy and a dirty renewable energy policy, but no one in authority bothered to listen to my unimportant voice.

The damage has been done and the government advised by its foolish civil servants and pressured and charmed by lobby interests now find, (is it embarrassed) that wood burning to create power is as harmful to the environment as coal burning to create power and that if you leave the wood in the forests it is better than trying and inevitably failing to create some kind of virtuous circle to burn wood for power and grow more wood.

A report from the Department of Energy and Climate Change has been published. It agrees with what I wrote so many years ago, suggesting that the subsidies for wood burning are adding to the pace of climate change. The government will now change the regulations on burning wood, and make standards mandatory. These changes will have little effect as the lobbyist will water them down fighting to protect their own profitable turf no matter what damage it does to the world.

If gives me no pleasure to be proved right, just sadness as the stupidity of the officials at DECC to whom this report came as such a surprise. These officials lack imagination; they count the figures without understanding that the figures they count and the formulae they use are simply plain wrong. Imagination would be a better tool, together with some intelligence, but such tools are sadly lacking in government and in governmental departments.

2 Responses

  1. Your to no avail is because you have a viable alternative that saves money, not wastes it Rob.

    The city is one of the problems here, everything it needs comes in, nothing much comes out of this sponge upon mankind, what is needed is a giant outside network of the alternatives and let the city state starve and those who govern from it along with them.

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