The Puzzle of MH17

I have been trying to get my head around what actually happened when flight MH17 was blown down over rebel held areas in the Ukraine. It is hard for me to understand the motivation that any side in the conflict has for bringing down a civilian airliner carrying passengers far above the war zone. such an act would bring worldwide universal condemnation and would bring such reprisals as would make the angels weep.

In the Western media the responsibility for this cowardly act has been placed firmly on the Russian supported rebels. Russia blames the Ukraine but this has been dismissed by the Western governments as nonsense. We are told that Mr Cameron and Mr Obama have had stern words with Mr Putin about the incident and harsh sanctions are proposed.

We are also told that intelligence has information that pins the responsibility on Russian supported rebels; I wonder if that intelligence is of the same quality that assured us that Saddam Hussein had weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

The blowing up of the Malaysian Airliner was a senseless act. I do not see which side benefits from it. If the airliner was blown up by mistake by one side or the other, then the sooner the mistake is admitted the better. In the meantime I intend to keep an open mind about which side was responsible.

In the aftermath of these incidents  there is a frenzy of hatred which can be exploited by ruthless politicians. That frenzy clouds the mind because the incident is so awful, so horrible, that minds cannot think clearly; suspicion replaces evidence and it becomes easy to stir up hatred, as we have seen in the past not only on an international level, when we go to war over misconceived interpretations of events, and on a smaller scale when lynch mobs hang people, often innocent people, from trees and lamp posts.

It seems that the USA and Canada, who have very little to lose, are encouraging the European Union who has much to lose, to impose sanctions on Russia, and using the blowing up of MH17 as a good reason. Sensible folk motivating only by doing what is right would wait for evidence to prove responsibility. I fear that either the folk in question are not sensible or not motivated by a concept of doing what is right.


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