No Spoon is Long Enough

Two hundred and ninety eight souls were remaindered yesterday when a Malaysian Airline passenger plane was shot down over the Ukraine by a surface to air missile. There are several suspects for this outrage and who do not know which group, whether pro Russian or pro Ukrainian was responsible for it. Eventually we might find a specific group and even specific persons who, whether deliberately or by mistake shot down a passenger plane containing people who had nothing to do with their cause or conflict and was simply carrying people from the Netherlands to Malaysia and happened to be flying, somewhat in-advisably, over Ukrainian Air Space.

But responsibility for acts such as these does not rest with a specific person or a specific group; it is much deeper than that. For the past eight or nine years the European Union as been encouraging Ukraine to have closer ties, and Russia has been discouraging those ties being made. The two large powers are seeking to increase or change their influence over a smaller power. That has created dissatisfaction, discontent and fighting. In fighting innocents get killed, more often these days than combatants.

Those powers who sought to create discontent for their own benefit share responsibility for the outrage with whoever pushed the button that fired the missiles. When you create conditions that are ripe for terrorist activity, you are supping with the devil, and no spoon is long enough, when you sup with the devil.

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