Motives that move the World

Tracing the motives that move the world is not difficult. Although there are people whose motives is to seek to make the world  a better place, and even though such people may be the majority of people in the world, their efforts and ideas are subsumed by those who seek power, greedily. It is not is much that power corrupts, but those that seek power are already half corrupted by inclination. 

Imagine how hard it is to try and make a small corner of the world a better place. Some have tried and some might well have succeeded, temporarily, but their betterment depends on successors for permanence and as we cannot guarantee a permanent stream of good un-corrupted people so the world remains pretty much as it was, as it always way. the corruption of the world has merely increased by the numbers of those living in it; as we grow in numbers so we grow in absolute greed. One person may may a small difference but a billion people make a difference that is unpredictable and usually malignant.

Our home, this planet, must decide whether to treat us humans as parasites or as cancers; the symbiosis and harmony has ended. We are too numerous to share the table and so we find ourselves eating the table as well as what is laid upon it and then rapidly moving to house in which the table is laid and its surroundings. Our pleasures which we treasure are the stuff if which nightmares are made.

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