Sly Secret Briefings and Nudges and Winks

It is all rather odd. A few months ago the news media in the United Kingdom was full of stories about Crimea and the Ukraine; no one had actually died there, but we were given the impression that the Western Democracies would intervene with military might to prevent Russia annexing parts of the Ukraine or that at least serious economic sanctions would be imposed on Russia. There then followed Russia taking the Crimea from Ukraine, and major cities in the east of Ukraine being taken over by people who wanted to transfer those cities to Russia, fighting broke out, more than a hundred people died and rebel groups were formed but all the bellicose noise from the Western Democracies stopped. 

Of course the earlier media storis of serious sanctions and the possibility of war were fed to the media by Western politicians, because the West had heavily invested with loads of money  in attempting to groom the Ukraine our of Russia”s influence and into the European Union. That grooming looked like failing because the European Union does not want a Ukraine savage and ravaged by war and conflict. So today even though the problems in the Ukraine have intensified tenfold, there is no more media coverage of the possibility of war generated by sly secret briefings and nudges and winks. The sanctions imposed on Russia are nominal in the extreme (is it possible to be extremely nominal?) and we all listen and read about killings, revolts, masked men, and aspirations for peace in parts of the Ukraine, as opposed to how the West is likely to make Russia suffer for what is happening in Ukraine.

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