Roman Seleznyoz

I am troubled to learn that Roman Seleznyoz, who was in the Maldives, was taken by US agents, forced to Guam where he was arrested and taken to Washington DC where he faces charges of identity theft, bank fraud, illegally accessing information on protected computers and trafficking in unauthorized access devices.

Clearly there are three lessons to be drawn; the first is that the rule of law including the right not to be falsely imprisoned only applies to people who are US citizens: the second is that illegally accessing information on computers does not apply to accessing by US governmental agencies. The third lesson is that small countries like the Maldives are keen to do as the USA requires, even if that means ignoring their own laws.

The process that Mr Seleznyoz was subject to would under under the laws of most civilised nations be unlawful. If in attempting to enforce the law law enforcement agencies themselves break the law then we might as well abandon the law and let those who enforce it do so unrestrained by the laws that they seek to uphold.

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