Success and Failure

There are many things that I have wanted to do, but I have failed to do almost all of them. Every business career must end in failure, every political career ends in failure; every sporting triumph ends in failure; every life ends in failure and every relationship is doomed to end in failure. Perhaps. Failure is simply the antithesis of success and success is simply a description of a relative state, not an absolute state. If we judge ourselves by the most lauded in our society, or the wealthiest in our society or the most morally upright in our society then inevitably we must fail and it is the same when we judge the most lauded or the wealthiest or the most upright against an absolute standard, then they too fail.

It is all a question of measuring sticks. We choose the measure that suits us and our aspirations  and possibly the prospects that we have of meeting those ambitions. Choose a short measuring stick and you will succeed against your own measure; choose a long measuring stick then you will fail to measure up to it.

Measure for measure, we simply dance through life, sometimes discarding one measure for another, in order to justify what we are and what we do. So Kipling called triumph and disaster impostors, because they do not describe absolutes, merely relatives. I can take comfort in this, the comfort of not knowing whether my life will have succeeded in more than the mere living of it, which in itself might be no mean failure.


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