I fear nano-drones

I should get myself a drone. It seems that many law enforcement agencies have drones and even some people are using them to record the activities of law enforcement agencies, although I have no doubt that this will soon be stopped by new laws making it illegal to record the activities of law enforcement agencies from drones. Until those laws come, it would be nice to have a drone.

It will be like being invisible and being able to see others without being seen. That is a childish dream made reality by the ingenuity of humans. We can make some of our dreams come true.

If you hear a noise above your head and glance up you may see a drone recording what you do and beaming its pictures to some organisation created to protect your being but not your privacy. Some in other lands hear the whine of a fast drone which is armed and directed at a nearby place. No doubt in a few short years more folk will be killed by drones than by bullets.

But the generation of drones I fear the most will be those yet to be invented, the nano-drones. As small as a fly they will ruthlessly invade your privacy in the name of protecting you. This has always been the way of tyrants.

Nano-drones will also be able to deal in death, ruthlessly and without detection. I fear them.

2 Responses

  1. Drones will be the least of your fears Rob, drones are now carrying the technology around them wherever they go, glued to their hands is the small screen depicted in the film 1984, it is not a future we fear, but a past we are already living in.

  2. Tyrants and missiles have always existed.

    Some people and nations have always invaded other people’s space and privacy.

    People will sooner or later have to face the tyrant, make a claim for freedom and privacy, or face slaughter like sheep just as in Hitler’s Germany.

    The problem is – and that is what people have always feared – in the bid for freedom and privacy they may be harmed and slaughtered anyway.

    The Abusive Person/Government banks on fear for obedience.

    But sooner or later life will get so deplorable that the people will
    have to act and face the tyrant.

    An Orwellian Nightmare

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