We have all been distracted. Distraction is a wonderful thing; it soothes our minds away from the things that we should care about and points our thinking in the direction of what we want, not what we need. It is a tart, rather than a mistress, gratifying for a while and then no more.

The greatest of our race have not been distracted. They have concentrated their minds on what they believe truly matters, and in truth we often become bored with what they teach. We do not like being chided or rebuked; that is simply our nature, wanting to believe that we are the most perfect of all beings, save for our mortality.

Under the streets of Paris and Rome lie the simple bones of millions who once lived, once were distracted and live no more. In cemeteries more bones lie, and others have been reduced to s few grams of ashes and gas, to mark the end of their lives and the end of their distractions.

The simple answer to the overwhelming question is thus: we are here for those future generations, no more and no less a purpose have we.

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