The Summer Solstice

The summer solstice has come and now the days will retreat, like my life, which passed its equinox at a date I cannot know and must not fix. Here in Northern Lands the summer’s light will warm the soil discarding cold embers of wintertime. Why? This is not magic nor is it tragic, but simply the ways things are and the way that things will be. Certainly, the days will lessen and my life will die, but unlike the sun I see in the sky I shall not know when the end of my life will come until it arrives. This is the way of things and the way things will be.

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  1. Hickory, Dickory, Dock, Helios ran up his ecliptical clock, at the strike of one, 21 June midnight, he now runs down, however,

    Verity I tell you, this sickness is not unto death Rob, at the strike of midnight 24-25 of December, he climbs his first degree once again and does look towards his heavenly seat, whence he just left, and Vindematrix in the elbow of Astrea climbs above the wintery horizon in the east and the stars in Orion’s belt look onwards in the West.

    At the bottom of the mountains within the earth and the Sun on his lower course, her bars all about him, a grim horror round our cottage might temporary rein, yet spring will come and nature smile again.

    He is a most Telios, a perfect kind of wo/man.

    That is

    Father of all in every age
    In every climb adored
    By Saints, by savage or by Sage

    I oa Baal or Lord.

    For God is paid when man receives, to enjoy is to obey, his bounty at the crossing of the sun on the equator in the balance of the scales, when his sunnyfied bounty lands right in our most laps.

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