Bringing Democracy to Iraq

The great western democracies believe in democracy. In fact they believe in democracy so intently and so unconditionally that they invaded Iraq to overthrow a tyrant, although some of them claimed that they invaded Iraq for other reasons. The Tyrant was duly overthrown and hanged and the blessings of democracy were brought to the people of Iraq who have held a number of democratic elections. 

Today There is trouble in Iraq. The democratically elected government is battling against a group of people who want to overthrow it and capture much of the territory and establish their own state. The democratically elected government is, like all democratically elected governments, favouring those that support it and disadvantaging those that do not support it. This is a long tradition of democratically elected governments; take from your opponents and give to your supporters.

The response of the great western democracies has been to propose that the democratically elected government of Iraq should be changed into a government composed of people from all parties, because that kind of government will be more disposed to negotiate with those that seek to overthrow it. The great western democracies have no stomach for a fight, having lost thousands of their soldiers and spent trillions of their money on the invasion of Iraq and its aftermath.

So we now know that the great western democracies only find democracy right where it comes up with policies and laws that suit the great western democracies interests. This finally puts the lie to the statements that the soldiers of the great western democracies who were fighting in Iraq were doing so to bring democracy to Iraq.

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