And the sea gave up the dead which were in it

In the Marshall Islands the sea levels have risen. This is important to the Marshall Islands because its highest point is just two metres above the levels of the surrounding Pacific Ocean.

The rising sea has had a consequence that was not foreseen. Graves have been exposed and the dead in their coffins are being washed away from what we thought was their last resting places. At high tide one large grave containing the remains of 26 dead Japanese soldiers who died in the Second World War is exposed.

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  1. Some science,

    Our axial tilt is currently sitting at 23.4 degrees, and it is declining, it is moving towards its recorded minimum of 22.1, the oceans will move and the revolving bulge of 40 some killometers wider in this region will cover parts where the equator will eventually lie.
    This is not a new phenomenon by the way, and one we must adjust too in order of surviving.

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