Google Already Censors the Internet

There has been a good deal of nonsense written by people to the effect that the recent judgment of the European Court which gives a person a very limited right to require Google to delete historical references to him or her in certain very limited circumstances of which for all practical purposes Google is judge jury and court of appeal.  The criticisms claim that the judgment amounts to censorship of the internet. It is therefore a bad thing. 

We should not need to have censorship of the internet, because we already have a censorship of the internet. Google itself is the prime censor. It does not act as an old fashion Lord Chamberlain, deleting parts that offend. It is much more effective than that. It manages to censor those parts of the internet that do not serve its own commercial purpose by banishing them to obscurity.

In chasing wealth and worshipping Mammon Google, with its benign sounding name and hypocritical motto,designs its search engine alogrithm to its own criteria and its own requirements thus censoring the search for knowledge on the internet which it makes subsidiary to its profits.

We similarly have censorship of the press which the press itself expertly conducts to benefit is own interests. Sometimes the press can make a great deal of money by publicising a great scandal, but greater scandals are ignored if their exposure  harms the interests of the press.

We do not need what we already have and already have what we do not need.

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