Freedom is a feeling

Freedom is a feeling. Like joy, you should know when you are free. You do no have to mutter under your breath what you feel, but may, if you wish, speak your thoughts out loud. You know you are free when you wake up in the morning without fear of external authority. You may fear your illness which you cannot have cured, and being enslaved is rather like suffering from an illness. The cure is escape, which is usually the most easy option even though it may prove a hard option, or to change the external authority that oppresses you. That even harder option may prove impossible.

Violence may, as Gandhi pointed out, free a nation from its foreign master only to enslave the nation from within.

People get used to almost everything and for  some not being free is the experience of many generations. If you have never tasted honey you cannot really know what you have missed.

Unfortunately the feeling of freedom which I once enjoyed is no longer the feeling that I feel now. I feel that I am less free; I cannot keep to myself what I want to keep private; even information about me is bought and sold by the great electronic using monoliths for their profit without cause for my wishes.  My pursuit of harmless happiness is prevented to a great extent by those who wish to order my life for the common good, as they see it,  and restrict my actions which might interfere with their own enrichment or self aggrandisement.

Yes, freedom is a feeling which is becoming less common and more rare. These are unordered thoughts because they are feelings.