Put Your Fingers in Your Ears and Sing “La la la”

If the whole of the ice at Antarctica were to melt sea levels would rise (it is estimated by scientists) by 58 metres. Of course the whole of the ice at Antarctica will not melt in the foreseeable future, but the continent is shedding ice more quickly than we previously thought.

The latest satellite surveys indicate that Antarctica is losing about 160 billion tonnes each year compared with 80 billion tonnes a year when measurements were last synthesised about five years ago. Either the previous measurements were wrong or the present measurements are wrong or the continent is exhibiting an acceration in its ice loss.

At the present rate of ice loss sea levels will rise by about an inch every five years; that is nothing to get excited about as humanity could survive such a sea level rise for many generations, but ice melt creates different temperature dynamics in the oceans and on land and affects the ocean and air currents, thus affecting both climate and weather.

The old measurements showed that the Antarctic had been gaining ice in the eastern part (that is east of the Antarctic peninsula) while losing it in the western part. The latest measurements show that there is no ice gain now in the east, which has remained static.

Those who think that our climate is not changing have no explanation for the ice loss in the Antarctic, except to deny that it is happening. I suppose if we hear something that we do not like we all have a desire to place our fingers in our ears and sing “la la la la la la” rather than listen to what we do not like.


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  1. There is a great difference between the North Pole and the South pole Rob and you already know about the topography.

    The North Pole, lies at sea level, and the South Pole lies at 11,000 feet above sea level.

    Take a look at all the glaciers world wide which are a long way from the equator and you will see that they are almost unaffected, now add the data of where our ecliptic and retrograde is currently sitting.

    Remember who owns these satellite’s Rob and the science behind them, and how much profit they have made so far, does one think that of the money earned, it will be given to people such as yourself to develop new technology to avert any carbon being produced, you know the answer to that one as well.

    Of course the funny money will languish in the liars accounts till the earth either freezes over or melts like an ice lolly on a hot summer day.

    Cutting and posting evidence which is highly unrefined could be detrimental to the true science , IF, it is ever understood.

    A sharing paradigm is the way forward with this technology, not a squirrel like model where self promotion will damage any gains brought forward.

    There are far worse, things taking place right now, that is contributing to the carbon credit conundrum, yet we ignore them at our peril, a peril taking place by the hundred daily.

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