It seems normal

We get used to things. We get used to illness, disability, loss of life in others and most of all, loss of freedom. It is odd to see after people have expended so much investment in freedom, how easily they are prepared to lose what they have invested.

We have got used to the fact that dozens of people are detained in Guantanamo Bay by the US government; how the US judicial system has colluded in placing these detentions above the law and colluded in the specious argument that those detained are not entitled to any legal examination of their detention; that the writ of habeus corpus does not swim across the sea to that part of Cuba held by the USA. We have even got used to hunger strikes by those imprisoned in Guantanamo.

It seems perfectly normal for one prisoner,  Mr Dhiab, recommended for release four years ago, to be the subject of a hearing in the USA not on whether he should be released but on whether the prison authorities should force feed him or not, to break his hunger strike before the hunger strike breaks him.

Mr Dhiab is an innocent man; he has not been found guilty of any offence by any proper judicial process. He is imprisoned by  a nation that styles itself the greatest democracy and lover of freedom in the world, a nation that is quick to criticise undemocratic and illegal events that are committed by other nations.

Wearily, we are so used to this now that it seems normal.

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  1. This is the better normal.

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