Empires of the Bureaucrats

The votes have been counted in the European election for members of the European Parliament and in the United Kingdom UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) has proved the most popular organisation. 

It is easy to be popular when you are in opposition; now UKIP must see if they can do what they said they will do. Just a few months ago UKIP was branded by the other UK political parties as a bunch of wierdos, racists and nutters. Today it seems that 28% of the UK voters like the ingredients that comprise UKIP.

Regardless of the designation by politicians, UKIP are simply one of those political parties that believe that a nation is better governing itself than being governed by a collective bureaucracy of many nations.  This is a perfectly respectable belief, but one that creates many exaggerated claims by those who  have the opposite view as well as exaggerated claims by those who share UKIP’s views.

Depending on what you believe the UK leaving the European Union will either mean the creation of millions of jobs or the losing of millions of jobs; it will mean that we cannot fight climate chnage or that climate change never existed, it will mean that our affairs are controlled no longer by an elite in Brussels or that our affiars are controlled by an elite in Whitehall. It will mean that we are free or it will mean that we are enslaved; it will mean that we are enslaved, or that we are free. It will mean that we are richer or poorer, sick or in health, better or worse.

There is no science in political beliefs of the kind of UKIP andthe kind of its opponents; unions of nations are inevitably ephemeral phenomena; like lakes they grow bigger and then dry up. They are either empires of the bureaucrats, or empires of the conquerors. Right now, empires of the bureaucrats are on the wane.


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