An Honourable Abode For John Kiriakou

In the United States of America a citizen called John Kiriakou is in prison. Mr Kiriakou (in Britain we would spell his surname Kyriacou) has apparently or allegedly committed the heinous crime of exposing torture committed by US government personnel. You should know that it is not against the law in America to torture people; there is no law against that, but it is against the law in America to expose or publicise the fact that American personnel have been torturing people.

I am sure that Americans know that they live in the most perfect of all nations under the earth’s skies and that they are proud to be Americans and that their pride in being Americans is well justified regardless of any bothersome allegations of torture that may arise. America über alles, especially where the alles includes such unimportant concepts as a right to a fair trial, a right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness and a right to expect  the rule of just laws made for the benefit of the people by those elected by the people.

The alternative, suffered by some other nations, is that laws are unjust and are made to protect the government and shield it from unwelcome criticism and exposure of its wrongdoings.

Mr Kiriakou gave an interview to ABC news about the waterboarding of Mr Abu Zubaydah by the CIA and disclosed to several journalists the names of those responsible for the waterboarding. This dastardly act justified the 30 month prison sentence that Mr Kiriakou was awarded. Clearly, it was wrong for anyone to expose torture by the CIA because the CIA are entirely justified in law and above the law, including international law, in everything that they do.

General David Petraeus, CIA director, said “this case yielded the first IIPA successful prosecution in 27 years, and it marks an important victory for our Agency, for our Intelligence Community, and for our country. Oaths do matter, and there are indeed consequences for those who believe they are above the laws”.

I would not suggest that the use of waterboarding is contrary to the law and specifically contrary to the Geneva Conventions and the United Nations Conventions on Torture, which the United States has signed; obviously General Petraeus knows that waterboarding is not contrary to these international laws, despite what eminent jurists opine.

I marvel at the victory of the CIA in successfully prosecuting a gentleman for exposing these matters. When men commit torture and are allowed to go free, the only correct place for the other men who expose the torture is prison. For Mr Kiriakou prison is an honourable abode.


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