Who Should You Believe about Shale Gas

You cannot believe two different statements when each purport to be the absolute truth and those statements contradict each other. That means you have to chose. I offer some choices. 

The Amount of Shale Gas Recoverable

  1. Quarilla estimates shale gas in Lancashire at 200 trillion cubic feet; the British Geological Survey estimates it at .47 trillion cubic feet (yes, point four seven, or one four hundredth of the industry estimate.
  2. US Shale Gas Industry claims shale gas will make USA energy independent; A study by MIT says that natural gas will provide 40% of America’s energy needs in the future.
  3. US shale gas industry claims 7,000 trillion cubic feet of recoverable US shale gas. The U.S. Department of Energy estimate that the country holds around 482 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas from shale basins. That is a 42 percent decline from 2011 when estimates of shale gas reserves were 827 trillion cubic feet by the Department of Energy.

The Environmental Effect of Shale Gas

The industry claims that it is safe, and its fracking will not poison watercourses; it has in many cases in the US.

The industry claims that it will reduce global warming as we switch from coal to gas; however coal is still being mined; it is just that its price has fallen enabling poorer nations to buy and use it.

The industry claims that leakage of methane is not a problem; scientists have found significantly enhanced atmospheric methane concentrations above fracking operations, presumably due to leakage in the fracking process.

2 Responses

  1. On radio 2 today, they mentioned this factor, but nobody there was really listening.


  2. http://rt.com/usa/160604-texas-fracking-wastewater-dumping/

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