Where the Money to Pay The Living Wage Will come from

Everyone seems to think that a minimum wage is a good thing. Even Switzerland recently considered (but rejected) a minimum wage that would have been more than twice the amount of that of the United Kingdom’s minimum wage. Of course it is right that people who work should earn decent wages, and possibly a minimum wage is one way of ensuring that this is the case. If however that level is set very high, which is will be if a minimum wage morphs into a living wage then we must consider where the money to pay a living wage will come from. In our present capitalist system it is proving impossible to control the earnings (or improvements) in the wealthiest 3% of the population; this sector is, despite taxation and despite the best efforts of some governments to spread wealth around society, unjustly enriching itself.  That trend is likely to continue unless there is a radical change in thinking about taxation and wealth. Those who earn the lowest wages should, some politicians feel, earn more, significantly so than they earn at present, but it strikes me that those politicians have not understood the likely unintended consequences of this policy. The money will have to come from somewhere. It will not come from the top 3% of the wealthiest or even from the next 60% of the wealthiest. It will come out of the earnings of those who presently earn a little more than a living wage, as they will lose jobs and be made to work harder in order to support the lowest earnings. One person’s wage rise should not be another person’s pay cut. Our present economic system, for all its inequalities and unfairness pay people what they are worth in terms of making wealth for their employers, and not according to their usefulness or their moral worth. That is the same of our economic system.

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  2. We are the Gaia Rob but do not realise it yet, and are in arrears the number one global energy, if we do more for ourselves using alternative skills sets, we can create much of our own worth and wealth outside of the monetary system.

    Doing this takes away the 3%’s ability to control our lives with their worthless printed money, after all they print it for us to exchange our physical energy for, we don’t get a say in the matter because those in government who don’t want to do real work, have arranged it so they do nothing and we do everything.

    How do I know if it works, because we have been building up to this for the last fifteen years, and the savings have been quite extensive.

    To beat the slavery system, one has to leave it behind and begin fending for yourself as much as you can, only then can you use their system against them and to get it to leave you alone.

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