Freedom of Speech

Freedom of speech is really two separate and related freedoms. The first freedom is the freedom to express ideas, however repulsive the ideas may be to some. An idea is a thought that suggests or possibly hints at a truth. Freedom of speech is in the first part a right to speak what an individual sincerely believes is the truth.

It follows then that the second part of freedom of speech is the right to express the truth. People are often punished for expressing the truth; those who believe in different opposite truths find an express of truth a violent use of language. Most people find expressions of what they believe to be untrue a violent act and punish it accordingly; such actions involve an arrogant assumption of infallibility.

3 Responses

  1. It all depends on what kind of speech it is.

  2. What after the regulators gain a foot hold into how we communicate, these are very clever magicians indeed.


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