Mystery, laws and ritual

People love what they do not understand. A mystery that remains unsolved is more stimulating and therefore more deserving of love than a solution to a mystery. People love knowledge, but love mystery more than they love knowledge. Knowledge is merely useful, but ignorance is bliss.

People require laws to show them how they should behave because they love to behave in ways which they believe to be right. If people do not have good laws they will be at the mercy of their savage desires and the even more savage desires of others. People should love good laws and detest bad laws.

People need rituals, and love what they need. The performance of a ritual is the performance of a mystery, self satisfying and satisfying to others. Rituals of necessity have laws and mystery.

2 Responses

  1. Here is someone qualified to explain how things work, the lids of their dolls are coming off and not before time.

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