Bring Back our Girls; bring back our drones

Sometimes stating the obvious is difficult, because what becomes commonplace becomes accepted and once accepted it can be very hard to see the hypocrisy and evil in what is accepted.

Recently Michelle Obama held up a sign “bring back our girls” which referred to the kidnapping of more than two hundred students in Northern Nigeria. The kidnapping seems to be the work of an organisation called Boko Haram. Mrs Obama was touched grieved and annoyed by this flagrant act of kidnapping. However as one internet campaign has pointed out Mrs Obama’s husband has through his sanctioning of drones killed more children than Boko Haram. Mrs Obama has not, of course, condemned the commonplace and accepted policy of the United States of America to kill people by drones.

So Mrs Obama should not be surprised by an inter campaign aping her sign holding but with the signs containing different messages, closer to home and closer to the behaviour of her husband. Some signs say “Bring Back Our Drones” and others “My Husband killed more children than Boko Haram ever Could”.

If you act indiscriminately with force in a perceived effort to protect your interests then you are in no position to complain about others doing the same. But your own hypocrisy is never perceived by hypocrites.

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